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Buen Comienzo Festival


We had to present a creative proposal for the Buen Comienzo Festival's staging, settings and experiences; this event is organized by the City Council of Medellin (Alcaldía) and its objective is to raise awareness about the importance of children as well as their pedagogical, emotional and social processes.

Apart from the festival, an International Academic Congress is organized which includes a variety of academic offerings embracing educational practices to boost children's comprehensive development. Attendees range from educational workers, to teachers, parents, adults in charge of children and the community.


The concept of this year's event is: GOING BACK TO THE SIMPLE THINGS, taking back the ordinary, isolating the digital world and reconnecting kids with their families, with Nature as the leading character.
Tales shall give the welcoming note to start with this experience which offers a tour around the different spaces within the home, the surroundings such as playgrounds and gardens and the grandparents' place; the grandparents shall help strengthening family values and good habits.


An unprecedented and unforgettable experience!

  • 4 day production
  • 14.200 meters used.
  • 80.200 attendees, 45.000 of them kids.
  • 250 direct jobs.
  • 18 strategic allies.
  • The set up was approved with excellence in quality from Dagret and Medellin fire brigade for the first time in the Festival's history.
Exhibition Space
Direct Jobs
80.200 attendees